The Fifth Column is a comprehensive book that consolidates the author’s various writings, lectures, sermons and articles. The book had to be faithful to the content and original context of the work, and be easily accessible to readers.

It was determined that an easy to handle, travel size book format was the best option so each article can be read individually and over multiple seatings.

The main text typeface of Utopia was selected due to its tall x-height for legibility (especially for older readers), serif style for text weight and context, and its angular elements to reflect modernity within a faith-based perspective.

The book cover was inspired by old Penguin book classics. Simple lines and shapes were used to represent high-level ideas inside the book. With the author’s background in law and church, the main graphic of five bars can be interpreted as imagery consistent with law enforcement, church architecture, and the social pillars of community.

Photos by Greg Whistance-Smith