St. Albert Transit was undergoing a rebrand to better align with the City’s brand, and needed a new system of bus passes for local and commuter routes that complement the City of St. Albert’s brand and visual identity.

The main goal was to differentiate them from each other – local or commuter; adult or seniors or student passholders; 12 total colour schemes (1 per month) – but maintain the same visual language through all designs. In total, 48 passes were created.

The angle of the colour bars was derived from the St. Albert Transit logo, with the bars layered to create a dynamic effect. Vibrant colours were selected to complement the overall design system but had to be easily distinguishable from month to month so the correct passes could be sold and used. For security purposes, a colour foil is required for each pass to prevent counterfeiting; it was treated as an additional colour element and used the same angular effect to maintain the integrity of the design. Photos were selected from entries of the annual Cultivating Front Yards contest, and helped reinforce the City’s Botanical Arts brand.

Set of commuter passes

Set of local passes

Set of monthly passes