Logo identities designed for various businesses, events and organizations. 

House of Zen

House of Zen is a float tank therapy centre in Edmonton. The client was influenced by Japanese culture, the commitment to relaxation and achieving a state of zen while enjoying the spa experience. These themes influenced the logo design, while brush strokes accentuate the idea of a personal signature experience.

Overall, the simple and minimal aesthetic of the logo allows for easy applications on various marketing collateral and products. 


SAAIRCY, an umbrella group for organizations supporting newcomer youth in Edmonton, was dedicated to ending refugee transportation loans in Canada. The maple leaf, our national symbol, is formed from 3 elements representing government, non-profit organizations and refugees. Bringing the elements together symbolizes balanced support and equal opportunities resulting from working together to overcome barriers that affect refugees’ quality of life.

The logo’s resemblence to a flame symbolizes passion and internal strength – characterizing people’s resolve to create a better future for themselves and others.